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If you're here then you're probably looking to get a Class 3 driver's license. Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site is packed with all sorts of information covering both Basic & Final Theory and Practical evaluations. Get tips, mocks and news all from the comfort of your home - free! If there are any questions you would like to ask that isn't already on the website, please feel free to give our friendly instructor a call, there is no charge for consultations. Driving School 12345 is the most affordable & competitve in the market today!

We have 268 BTT questions and 467 FTT questions in our mock eTest!

Drive safe - Driving School 12345.

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"Mr Heng is a very friendly and patient instructor. He explains in depth every detail. I would highly recommend him to everyone seeking to get a driving license! A+"

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